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TEDxKULeuven: (Re)structure the (De)structured

6 May 2022

TED❌KULeuven is back in town!

The evening of  📅 MAY 6, 2022 TEDxKULeuven presents you: (Re)structure the (De)structured. With 8 speakers in its 3rd edition, TEDxKULeuven aims to scrutinise the developments and corresponding challenges currently happening in the world.

Technological and scientific breakthroughs, artificial intelligence, and the continuing globalisation is offering a lot of potential and progress, but similarly have left us with a lot of uncertainties and fears. Therefore, we should try to take up the building blocks that are being offered to us and puzzle them together into a structural worldview. This way, we will be able to reconstruct what has lost its framework, to restructure the destructured.


What to expect? 

8 TEDx Talks 

Gender Equality, Sustainability, Natural Intelligence, Innovation, AI, Business, Life cycle analysis

Recruitment Opportunity

Imec, ING, ABInBev, Vox Consult, Schelstraete Delacourt

4 Workshops

UStart Leuven, Formula Electric, Fline, Circl-E

Walking Dinner & Drinks

Provided by our sponsors


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⏰ 18:30 (Doors open 17:00)


🚗Parking is available


TEDxKULeuven is bound by laws and regulations imposed by KU Leuven regarding COVID-19. According to the latest decisions of KU Leuven, Covid Safe Ticket (CST) is no longer required for events such as ours. However, we kindly remind you that in case of a change in the rules, TEDxKULeuven reserves the right to ask for CST. No reimbursement is guaranteed.

Passed Events

TEDxLeuven: Intelligence: Artificial or Human?

11 March 2021

The wait is over, and we are more than happy to announce that the biggest TedXLeuven event is happening on 11 March 2022! As Rome was also not build in one day by a single person, so is this event!

We could use some extra hands, so if you want to be part of the biggest TEDx event in Leuven of this year, then hurry up and become a part of our amazing team by attending our Volunteer meetups. If you are an enthusiastic team player, join our event planning sessions and become a Volunteer for this magnificent event; TEDxLeuvenSalon Intelligence: Artificial or Human? on 3.03.2022.

Find out the program and speakers on the TEDx website.

If you want to be a volunteer get in touch via: contact@tedxleuven.com

Student workshop AI (with Deloitte)

11 March 2022

Join our workshop to explore the power of AI and human innovation, and the interplay between the two. Technology is smart, but people make sure the way it’s used is smarter. You’ll not only gain insights into some of the exciting AI-driven projects we have worked on, but dive into a machine learning use case to discover the importance of human contribution first-hand.

This workshop is free to attend, but registration is mandatory. You can register here: https://www.eventbrite.be/e/student-workshop-ai-with-deloitte-tickets-217052508897

A valid Covid safe ticket needs to be shown upon entry, and masks need to be worn during the whole event.

Flanders Industry leaders AI Round Tables

3 December 2021

Deloitte AI Workshop

3 December 2021

AI Drinks

16 February 2022

AI meets Law

1 March 2022

How to defend your thesis

21 May 2022

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Past Events

AI Ethics Debate Part 2

In recent years there has been a rapid growth in the use of semi-autonomous systems and research into lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS). This has led to a lot of debates in the highest circles at national and international level about the permissibility of the future use of LAWS. In this talk we will highlight some of the ethical aspects that are currently under discussion such as: What are LAWS? How should we understand autonomy? What makes LAWS problematic? Who should be held responsible if something goes wrong?

AI Drink @ the LAIF Office Garden

These days you might not wish to stand in line getting into bars, so we will organise a drink in our garden Thursday of week 2. We will sell some drinks for decent prices, so it’s handy to bring some pocket money.

AI Ethics Debate Part 2

We will take a look into our possible future by drawing
parallels with the past, to this special and turbulent era. Our expert speakers will touch on subjects like global health, equality movements,
populism and more.

AI meets Law

Master AI and Master Law students are invited to meet up! 

TEDxLeuvenSalon: The Next Roaring 20s

We will take a look into our possible future by drawing
parallels with the past, to this special and turbulent era. Our expert speakers will touch on subjects like global health, equality movements,
populism and more.

AI Ethics Debate Part 1

Online debate session concerning superintelligence and how to control it.

MAI Welcome 2020

MAI info session with interviews of former MAI students.

MAI meets Law 2020

AI & Law meet up discussing the new legal challenges brought by progress in the field of AI.

Oldies meet newbies

MAI alumni and incoming MAI students meet to share their experiences. 

MAI Welcome 2019

Welcome session for the MAI students.

PhD dinner

Dinner with PhD students working in the field of AI.