AI meets Law

Like last year, Master AI and Master Law students are invited to meet up! Other students are of course also welcome should they wish to join!
AI meets Law will take place online this year, on Wednesday the 24th of February, from 19h30 until 22h!
In the first half, speakers of ‘both sides’ will give a short talk. The general idea is that the talks consist of well understood knowledge for one side, yet are rather revealing for the other. Next, group and/or individual socializing will be possible.
Our speakers are known!

Artificial Intelligence, yes but even more Apparent Intelligence (Mauritz Kelchtermans)

Artificial Intelligence seems to be taking over the world. In the presentation, a concise history of the development of AI will be given, highlighting the elements that have made the recent progress possible. But although the achievements in a lot of domains are quite impressive, there are limitations and inconveniences to what AI currently can do, and there are risks to what AI ultimately could do. These aspects will also be touched upon.

Mauritz Kelchtermans is by background a chemist. After his career in chemical industry, he went back to university to study philosophy. He currently is preparing a PhD in Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, focussing on aspects in philosophy of science, philosophy of technology and ethics. Here he is the perfect representative of “the tech side”

The AI author – an Artificial Construct? (
Jozefien Vanherpe)
This presentation tackles the question whether output produced through or by an AI-powered agent is or should be susceptible to copyright protection. After a basic introduction to the essential principles of copyright law, it first discusses whether creative machines already exist today. Second, it explains why, as the law currently stands, output solely produced by an AI-powered agent is not susceptible to copyright protection. Third, it examines whether or not this traditional view needs adjusting.

Jozefien Vanherpe is a PhD researcher at Consumer Competition Market (CCM) and an affiliated research fellow with the Centre for IT and IP law (CiTiP), both at KU Leuven. Since the start of 2019, she has been working on a PhD in relation to contractual dynamics in the digitized music industry. Jozefien studied law at KU Leuven (LLB and LLM) and the University of Cambridge (LLM). From 2014 through 2018, Jozefien was active as a litigation attorney specialized in intellectual property law (Eubelius, CAPE IP Law).