AI Ethics Debate Part 2

Have you always been interested in AI and the ethical questions that arise from the further developments in AI? Are you curious about the current trends regarding AI and ethics and would you like to be involved in an open conversation regarding this topic? Then this event might be something for you!

In the second edition of our AI ethics debate, our speaker will first give a short talk to introduce the topic of the evening. This talk is then followed by a debate session where you get an opportunity to discuss with fellow AI enthusiasts! AI and Ethics. We all have got our own personal morality, our own principles of what we consider good or bad, right or wrong. Ethics is about how we as a group or society address these things. With AI becoming more prominent in our lives, new issues are coming up. Given that new regulations are lagging behind, this requires developing adequate ethical approaches. A short overview of problems and solutions will be given while showcasing the work of the European AI High Level Expert Group.

– Introduction to AI ethics by Mauritz Kelchtermans
– Debate session in breakouts
– Plenary session with conclusions
– Optional social breakout

Speaker: Dr. Mauritz Kelchtermans
By background a chemist. After his career in the chemical industry, he went back to university to study philosophy. He is currently preparing a PhD in Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, focussing on aspects in philosophy of science, philosophy of technology and ethics.