Who We Are

A group of people deeply passionate about AI and equipped with a vision to educate others about the impacts of this technology.

At LAIF, we believe that we have a responsibility to bridge the gap between people and AI by making others conscious of its profound implications, enabling a safe future coexistence with AI.

hand, united, together

Our Story

The story of Leuven AI forum started from Nick Bostrom and his TED talk on the long-term impact of all forms of intelligence on society. This is a field in which different views are very polarized; there was very little debate on the middle ground of this topic. That is why we felt the need to establish a community on AI development that brings people from different disciplines together. This would create a platform where the debate could thrive.

We saw that there was a great enthusiasm from students within the Master of Artificial intelligence at KU Leuven, but it was very hard to establish structure and continuity in their interactions, as this is only a one-year program. This led to the creation of the non-profit, Leuven AI Forum, at the end of 2019. With the founding of this organisation, a community of like-minded AI enthusiasts finally materialized.









Open Positions

TEDx Volunteer

We organise TEDxLeuven events several times a year and you can get the chance to be involved too! You can take part in the planning of the event as well as the on-the-day tasks. 

AI Ethics Workshop Volunteer

We organise regular AI ethics workshops and debates between students from various backgrounds. You will get the chance to plan and organise these together with other members of the team. 

AI Job Matching Volunteer

Together with the leading AI companies in Belgium we organise specialised job fairs and workshops where we match AI students and researchers finishing up their academic career with our AI industry. In order to coordinate with our partners, we are looking for help.

AI MSc & PhD Volunteer

Want to build an active student community? You can organize events and activities for the Master of Artificial Intelligence students as well or PhD students. wE organise such as company visits, MAI meet PhD event, Philosophy evenings, hiking, BBQs and other.

Speaker Contact Associate

Since we are always organising exciting new events, we often need speakers, whether that is for a TEDx event or an AI related workshop. You would be in charge or coming up with potential speaker and organising their attendance. 

Partnerships Associate

Are you a salesman/woman? As Partnerships Associate you will contact companies in Belgium in order to become partners for our events, or participate in our research projects.

Operations Associate

Be part of the organizing team. From preparing the speakers, decorating stage, arranging the video recording, the catering, the sitting to seeing all the backstage and behind-the- scenes, if organizing events is your passion, this role is for you.

Responsible AI Associate

We offer advice in AI Law, Ethics of governance by algorithms, intellectual property in computer science and research, bias in AI, self fulfilling prophecies in predictive systems, technological policy… to our industry and government clients. We are looking for an associate to help support our clients in implementing effective, ethical and legal algorithms.

Join the Team

If you want to become a member of our team, organize our next events, participate in research projects or organizing activities for students, we would love to hear from you!