Get involved

Thank you for being interested in being a part of Leuven AI Forum. This page provides an overview of what you can expect from LAIF and what we expect from you.

Our Values

Our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs.

Safe & Ethical

The end goal is to ensure safe and ethical development of artificial intelligence. Our activities are centered around these topics.

Open communication

We want you to feel empowered. You won't always get to do exciting things but we are all working towards a common goal.

Finish what you take on

Finish the tasks you take on. Ask for help early, when something unexpected happens.

We Have One Goal

Uniting students, researchers, industry leaders & policy makers to promote fair A.I policy

How we work

The organisation has a horizontal and vertical structure. It consists of three departments and three hierarchies.

Horizontally, LAIF has three departments: operations, communications and partnerships. Those in the operations department are jacks of all trades – mainly help with planning events (e.g. venue, catering, …). Those in the communication department are in charge of public relations and internal communication. Finally, those in the partnerships department, manage corporate relations, which includes finding new sponsors and coordinating and maintaining  current relations.

LAIF’s hierarchical structure consists of three levels. Volunteers are at the lowest level, followed by associates and coordinators.  Volunteers usually help the team on a specific project, they are not part of the core team. Associates are able to work on a range of projects within LAIF and considered to be full team members.  Coordinators are the ones in charge of managing associates and volunteers within a certain department. They plan the execution of projects and divide and follow up on assigned tasks . 

The highest level in LAIF is the board. These team members are responsible for the top-level coordination of the different departments, long-term strategy and the financial side of LAIF.

Hiring procedure

Open Positions

TEDx Volunteer

We organise TEDxLeuven events several times a year and you can get the chance to be involved too! You can take part in the planning of the event as well as the on-the-day tasks. 

AI Ethics Workshop Volunteer

We organise regular AI ethics workshops and debates between students from various backgrounds. You will get the chance to plan and organise these together with other members of the team. 

AI Job Matching Volunteer

Together with the leading AI companies in Belgium we organise specialised job fairs and workshops where we match AI students and researchers finishing up their academic career with our AI industry. In order to coordinate with our partners, we are looking for help.

AI MSc & PhD Volunteer

Want to build an active student community? You can organize events and activities for the Master of Artificial Intelligence students as well or PhD students. wE organise such as company visits, MAI meet PhD event, Philosophy evenings, hiking, BBQs and other.

Positions from September 2021

Speaker Contact Associate

Since we are always organising exciting new events, we often need speakers, whether that is for a TEDx event or an AI related workshop. You would be in charge or coming up with potential speaker and organising their attendance. 

Partnerships Associate

Are you a salesman/woman? As Partnerships Associate you will contact companies in Belgium in order to become partners for our events, or participate in our research projects.

Operations Associate

Be part of the organizing team. From preparing the speakers, decorating stage, arranging the video recording, the catering, the sitting to seeing all the backstage and behind-the- scenes, if organizing events is your passion, this role is for you.

Expert Advice Associate

We offer advice from our experts in science communication, intellectual property in Computer science and research, Ethics in AI, technological policy… to our industry clients. We are looking for a coordinator to coordinate and further develop our offer and relations with our clients.